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Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask

Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask

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Discover the ageless secret of skin perfection with Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask.

"I love this Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask! It instantly hydrates my skin and leaves it fresh and balanced from nighttime until morning! This is the perfect night moisturizer along with the Vitamin C Brightening Spray, and I even use it during colder weather where the wind dries my skin quicker than on normal days. I tried it immediately when they came, and in the short time I had the mask on, it seemed to already smooth the "pinch" line I had near my laugh line. Nothing has ever worked for me to address this line until now. So I was excited to see how much better this would look after continuously using it regularly, and it did not disappoint me."

Cora Henderson, 35, Dover, Delaware

"I just turned thirty, and I want to look young by hydrating my skin. I’ve always resented how my skin was super moisturized and even oily during my youth, but now I need that moisture all the more! The Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask really helped moisturize my skin and keep it that way without feeling oily. Very gentle on my sensitive skin, leaving it soft and smooth! Perfect addition to my skincare routine!"

Megan Jacobs, 32, Baltimore, Maryland

How does a water-soluble collagen mask help against wrinkles?

These are liquid-soluble sheet masks designed to be applied to your face that contain collagen as an ingredient. The idea is that you leave them on your skin for a set amount of time, and the collagen from the product absorbs into your skin, where it works to decrease lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

“Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body,” says Rina Allawh, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group in King of Prussia, PA. “Essentially, these are long, large molecules with chains of amino acids. Together, collagen is responsible for keeping skin strong and firm and plays an important role in wound healing.”

Vitamin C Brightening Spray contains two powerful natural anti-aging ingredients:

Vitamin C

One study showed that daily use of a vitamin C formulation for at least three months improved the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles of the face and neck, as well as overall skin texture and appearance. Vitamin C may also help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays when used in combination with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. It is very important in skin care because it makes collagen, which is used to keep skin youthful and plump, heal wounds, and maintain and repair damaged skin and cartilage.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate has incredible hydrating benefits that address a number of skin concerns caused by a lack of moisture in the skin. It combats skin dryness, repairs a compromised moisture barrier, improves signs of aging, and improves breakout-prone skin. Sodium hyaluronate provides structure and volume and can create temporary but instantaneous plumpness in the skin, reduce wrinkles, and ease out inflammation.

    What is the relationship between the water-soluble collagen mask and the Vitamin C Brightening Spray?

    The Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask contains collagen, which is a naturally occurring protein found in the skin. It is largely found in connective tissues and accounts for most of the proteins in your body.

    The Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask is responsible for keeping the skin young and tight and prevents the development (and worsening) of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and crow’s feet by providing moisture deep within the skin’s intercellular matrix.

    The addition of Vitamin C Brightening Spray to this collagen-infused mask instantly penetrates the inner layers of the skin to fight away these skin issues, providing the skin with a renewed appearance and youthful glow.

    The Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask with the Vitamin C Brightening Spray is the best, non-invasive, non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested and approved, and FDA-certified anti-aging face mask for you!

    What makes the Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask your great choice?

    • Dermatologically tested.
    • Eliminates the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and skin sagging.
    • Rehydrates dull and dry skin.
    • Reduces the risk of skin dryness, skin greasiness, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads by minimizing pore appearance and giving your skin a flawless glow.
    • Increases skin cell production.
    • Provides moisture to the skin, protecting it from external pathogens and the effects of excessive UV exposure.
    • Clinically tested and safe for all skin types.

      Sarah Gavin presented these photos of her facial treatment journey

      Week 1

      "I’ve experienced significant improvements with my skin’s hydration level, all thanks to Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask! I usually sleep with the air conditioning at a very cool temperature to help me sleep, but that only ends up drying my skin even more. However, with these masks and the vitamin C spray, I wake up with hydrated skin! A few days of use gave me positive results; I feel a bit of tightness in my face."

      Week 4

      "With the constant hydration my skin has been receiving, the wrinkles on my face have started to lighten and lift. I also noticed that the sagging skin on my cheeks and neck has started to lighten up as well! I also noticed that the deep wrinkle on my forehead is getting lighter in appearance. The hydration that this product brings is such a rewarding experience."

      Week 8

      "I’ve been using this for over three months, and my face is wrinkle-free and tight, as well as beautifully moisturized. I wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day. The Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask is the perfect ending to a stressful day and a great way to prep your skin for the morning! I highly recommend this to women who are already in their forties and are concerned about various skin problems."

      Sarah Gavin, 46, Minneapolis, Minnesota

      How to Use:

      1. Wash and dry your face as you normally would.
      2. Use a toner and pat your face dry.
      3. Place the Byeol Korea Infusing Collagen Anti-Aging Mask on your face in the proper position.
      4. Apply a generous amount of Vitamin C Brightening Spray to it.
      5. Leave it until it's dissolved completely.
      6. Rinse, then pat dry with a towel.
      7. Use it regularly for best results.


      • Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin C (spray), Collagen (mask)

      Package Inclusion:

      • Trial Set (2PCS Mask + Vitamin C Brightening Spray)
      • 7-Day Significant Improvement  (7PCS Mask + Vitamin C Brightening Spray)
      • 2-Week Full Treatment  (14PCS Mask + Vitamin C Brightening Spray)
      • 1-Month Ultra Treatment  (30PCS Mask + Vitamin C Brightening Spray) 
      • Infusing Collagen Mask (3PCS) $24.97
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