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Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

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Have you ever experienced a fissured tongue, a condition that causes the tongue to become dry, cracked, and scaly? Some people are still dealing with fissured tongues! The Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray is a probiotic spray that can instantly and continually adjust the pH of the tongue, destroying the conditions that allow bacteria to flourish. This portable germ-kill antibacterial spray helps fight odor causing bacteria. It instantly freshens the breath and leaves a minty aftertaste.

"It only took me a few days after using Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray for my tongue to begin healing, and now I'm able to enjoy my food again without the discomfort of cracked skin or soreness. And my breath is no longer foul! This has boosted my confidence enormously. I'm able to eat what I want without worrying about how it will taste or smell later on."

Albert Conley --- Memphis, Tennessee

"It works well. Better than expected. I don't need to go to the doctor because of this product. Treat my fissured tongue, which I have been experiencing for about a month now, and in just less than 2 weeks, it has lessened those cracked textures on my tongue. No more bad breath, either!"

Guy Schuster --- Baltimore, Maryland

What is a fissured tongue?

A fissured tongue is a malformation characterized by furrows or grooves on the dorsum of the tongue. It is generally painless, but the accumulation of food debris and the resultant irritation might cause pain.

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

The Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray contains known healthy bacteria strains that help prevent fissured tongue, and fissuring will start to diminish. It also prevents other problems caused by excessive amounts of dangerous bacteria in the mouth.


This spray contains oral probiotics to help prevent bad bacteria from dominating in the mouth. It also contains Polysorbate 80, a non-ionic surfactant that has been shown to aid in suppressing oral infections. Oral probiotics help support good oral health and may help prevent some dental problems due to excess amounts of dangerous bacteria in the mouth.

Consisting of 3 Key Ingredients for Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

  1. Manuka Honey
  2. Mint Extract
  3. Probiotic

Manuka honey is a natural antibacterial and has been shown to be effective in treating several types of wounds. You can rub a bit of honey directly on the sore area a few times per day or drink warm tea with honey.

Mint is especially oral-health friendly because it is naturally antimicrobial. That is to say, it kills bacteria in the mouth that otherwise might contribute to tooth decay.

Probiotics are strains of bacteria that promote good oral health. Bacteria naturally exist in the mouth, and oral probiotics help boost levels of beneficial bacteria. This helps prevent certain dental conditions that can arise from high levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth, such as periodontitis or tooth decay.

This is why Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray is special

  • Removes odor-causing debris.
  • Reduces the risk of periodontal disease.
  • Enhances taste.
  • Lowers the risk of oral thrush.
  • Cure for a fissured tongue.
  • Adjusts the pH level of the tongue.
  • Removes any bacteria that has accumulated.
  • Supports good oral health.
  • Freshens your breath instantly.

Gilbert's report after 2 weeks of using Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray

I've been disturbed by my fissured tongue. Its dryness makes it hard for me to taste food. And I realize that it is due to this fissured tongue that causes foul breath. My friend recommended this relief spray to me. I am amazed with the result.

Here is the result:

Day 1

"I felt my breath was fresh after using this spray. It tastes like mint and is refreshing in my mouth. No changes yet, but I feel that it is working. I keep using it to find out more."

Day 7

"In 7 days of using this spray, my tongue has improved a lot. It has less cracked skin, and I've also found that my breathing has improved significantly. This boosts my confidence because I'm experiencing good changes."

Day 14

"After 14 days of using Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray, No more foul breath, which I attribute to the fissured tongue. This greatly boosted my taste for food. With every meal, I can finally appreciate my food. I recommend this spray to anyone suffering from mouth and tongue problems." 

Gilbert Scola --- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This spray saves you tons of money!

Canada Polumna™ Fissured Tongue Relief Spray's all-natural ingredients are carefully made to make a huge impact not only on your health but also save you tons of money in the long run.

Originally only Available in Clinics

Several customers have already used this and have seen positive improvements. This alternative can save over $2,500 per year on expensive doctor visits.

  • Avoid expensive sessions.
  • Avoid time-consuming appointments.
  • Use in the convenience of your own home.
  • Powerful strength.
  • Use when traveling!

How to Use:

  1. Spray 3 times on the tongue or in the mouth.
  2. Use every morning and evening.

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