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Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars

Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars

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See the world in a whole new light with Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars. Whether it's a concert, moon gazing, or any nighttime adventure, these binoculars provide unprecedented clarity and detail. Compact and lightweight for easy transport. Enhance your view and experience now!

Our customer shared their experience using the Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars

"Fivfivgo™ StellarView 500X transported me to a lunar wonderland! The moon's craters and details were mesmerizing. It felt like I could reach out and touch the moon's surface. A truly enchanting experience!"
- Paul K.

"As an avid camper, these binoculars are a game-changer. From identifying constellations to spotting wildlife in low light, the advanced night vision exceeded my expectations. The tripod compatibility ensured steady views during stargazing sessions."
- Russel J.

Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars Key Features:

Superior Optical Performance: Equipped with high-quality BAK4 prisms and multi-layer nanoscale coatings, Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X delivers sharp images, vibrant colors, and enhanced contrast for an unparalleled celestial observation experience.

Boundless Panoramic View: The ultra-wide field of view captures the magnificence of the universe, allowing users to explore vast star clusters, sweep through astonishing nebulae, and observe intricate details of distant galaxies.

Extraordinary Ultra-High Definition: Offering an amazing high-definition cosmic experience, whether it's a concert or any nighttime adventure. StellarView's advanced optics and precision engineering provide clear, detailed, and immersive views, allowing users to witness the beauty of celestial bodies with extraordinary clarity.

Cutting-Edge Advanced Night Vision: Integrated night vision technology reveals the secrets of the night sky even in low-light conditions, enabling observers to delve deep into the universe and observe elusive celestial phenomena not possible with ordinary telescopes.

IPX7 Waterproof and Durable: Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, Lyseemin™ StellarView features IPX7 waterproof technology, ensuring reliable performance even in adverse weather. Adventure confidently, knowing it's built to last.

Tripod Compatibility for Stability: Ensure stability and convenience by attaching the Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars to a tripod. Effortlessly set up your telescope, achieve accurate alignment, and indulge in steady and comfortable observations during your stargazing experiences.

What makes Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars special?

- Superior Optical Performance with BAK4 Prisms
- Boundless Panoramic View with Ultra-Wide Field
- Extraordinary Ultra-High Definition
- Cutting-Edge Advanced Night Vision
- IPX7 Waterproof and Durable
- Lightweight and Ultra-Portable
- Human-Centric Design with Non-Slip Focusing Wheel
- Tripod Compatibility for Stability
- Long-Focus Lens for Comfortable Viewing
- Immersive Celestial Observation Experience

Why choose this product?

Choose Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X for an unparalleled celestial exploration experience. With superior optical performance, ultra-wide field views, advanced night vision, and durable design, it stands out among night vision binoculars. Its lightweight, human-centric features, and IPX7 waterproof technology make it a reliable companion for enthusiasts and astronomers seeking clear, detailed, and immersive views of the universe in various conditions.

How to Use:

1. Attach Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X to a tripod for stability.
2. Use the non-slip focusing wheel for precise adjustments.
3. Immerse yourself in the celestial wonders with its superior optics and advanced night vision—enjoy the cosmos effortlessly.

Product Details: Lyseemin™ StellarView 500X Ultra-Portable Night Vision Binoculars


Color: Black
Weight: 290g
Size: 155mm x 55mm
Waterproof Level: IPX7
Prism System: Roof prism system
Prism Field of View: 2000m x 10000m
Prism Material: High-quality BAK4
Lens Type: Full optical glass lens
Lens Diameter: 55mm (inclusive of edges)
Eyepiece Diameter: Approximately 23mm
Coating: Advanced multi-layer nanometer coating
Focusing Method: Adjustable objective lens + eyepiece
Complete Package: Includes telescope bag, photo clip, metal tripod, dust cover, hanging strap, lens cloth, warranty card, instruction manual

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